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Alison Konow, LCSW

Alison Konow, LCSW is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who graduated from Fordham University with a master’s degree in clinical social work, and Western Connecticut State University with a bachelor’s degree in Social Work. Alison has worked with a vast population of ages throughout her career, ranging from 5 – 90 years old. She has worked in community mental health for the past two years, where she has gained experience treating trauma, mood, personality, and psychotic disorders as well as the treatment of substance use disorders through both individual psychotherapy as well as facilitating Intensive Outpatient dual-diagnosis groups weekly. Alison has a warm, patient, compassionate approach to therapy and enjoys working with individuals of all ages in order to help them improve their quality of life, relationships with family members and support systems, as well as tap into their own inner strengths and skills.

Alison has also taken on a specific interest in children, families, and parenting work. She has been facilitating the Parenting Education Program (PEP) for the State of Connecticut since obtaining her master’s degree, a class mandated to parents in CT that are currently going through the separation or divorce process. Through facilitating this class Alison has gained knowledge on how to best treat both the parents, children, and the family as a unit during times of family transition and changes. Her experience has also included working as a Foster Care Social Worker, and as a mentor to children currently living in foster care homes. During her time in community mental health she also created and implemented a 10-week program for mothers who are currently involved with The Department of Children and Families.

She utilizes cognitive-behavioral techniques designed to reframe negative thinking patterns and provide a different outlook on scenarios, as well as dialectical behavioral therapy through worksheets and activities to provide a more hands on approach to treating mood disorders and promoting change in behavioral patterns. Alison has experience with play therapy for the younger population and takes on a solution-focused and goal-oriented approach to treatment. Alison is dedicated and passionate to bettering the lives of the clients she works with and providing them with consistent support.