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Kristin Hosp, LMFT-A

Kristin Hosp, LMFT-A, is a Marriage and Family Therapy associate who graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, and an undergraduate degree in Gerontology from Quinnipiac University.

Kristin is certified in Gestalt therapy, a form of psychotherapy that is centered on increasing a person’s awareness, freedom, and self-direction. It’s a type of therapy that focuses on the present moment rather than past experiences. Gestalt therapy is based on the idea that people are influenced by their present environment. Kristin works with a warm, calm, safe and caring presence to help clients ground themselves into the present moment to problem solve, empathize, create goals, and provide unconditional support.

Kristin has experience working with adults, women and seniors. In particular, Kristin enjoys working with client’s who are adult caregivers and experiencing stress, burnout, and grief. Kristin also specializes in working with adults and seniors who are experiencing grief, loss, depression, life changes, chronic illness and chronic pain, and the life changes and challenges that come with aging.

Kristin appreciates a collaborative approach when working with clients, meaning she likes the client to be involved in their own care, indicating their needs and goals. Kristin is empathetic and compassionate, which helps individuals to open up about life’s difficulties. While using CBT and mindfulness techniques to increase self-awareness, Kristin’s goals are to promote healing, and help a client discover their strengths so they may facilitate change.

Supervisor: Theresa Pennachio, License # 001877