Maria McMahon, Medical Receptionist

Maria is one of our kind, friendly medical receptionists who will be the first face you see at May You Find Peace Counseling and Wellness in our Southbury location.

Maria is a wife, mother of three sons, animal lover, and cancer survivor. Maria has extensive experience working within medical offices, including working as a dental assistant within an oral surgeon’s office, an office manager in a general dental office, and a dental assistant while working for a pediatric dentist who specialized in restorative dental care for children with disabilities, as well as children in foster care. Maria enjoyed this time helping young patients feel safe and comfortable during their treatments,while reassuring parents and caregivers, and to be a part of the process to
restore their smiles. Maria felt the position was spiritually rewarding. This work inspired Maria to want to continue to be a part of comforting patients who are looking to change their lives. Maria understands how vulnerable it can feel to call an office and ask for help, and it is her goal to help you feel comfortable, understood, and safe, while helping to select the best provider for you.

Maria’s passions and hobbies are home and office d├ęcor, as well as spending time with her children- Dylan, an architectural engineer, Austin, a biology major, and Jared, an RN at Yale New Haven Hospital. Maria and her husband Joe are celebrating their 30 th wedding anniversary in 2022.

Maria is currently being trained in mental health first aid and looks forward to bringing her passion for helping others into her daily work with clients.