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Reba Goodrow, APRN

Reba Goodrow, APRN, is a Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner. Reba graduated from Quinnipiac University with a Masters of Science in Nursing. Prior to obtaining her APRN license, Reba worked in the neonatal intensive care unit as a registered nurse for 5 years. As a former NICU nurse, Reba has a special place in her heart for mothers and families experiencing postpartum depression and loss.

Reba began her career as an APRN in the specialty of pain management. She has extensive experience managing patients’ chronic pain including arthritis, disorders of the spine, and neuropathic pain. Reba is a strong proponent of interventional pain management and the use of non-narcotic modalities to treat pain. She is skilled in trigger point injections to help with myofascial pain.

While working in the specialty of pain management Reba also gained extensive experience working with patients experiencing anxiety and depression. She found that many of her patients with chronic pain also had coinciding anxiety and depression due to unrelenting pain, life changes, and discomfort that can come with chronic illness and chronic pain conditions. Reba saw a need to better help these patients. She believes in holistic and patient-centered care and individualizes the care she gives to best suit each patient.

Reba is happy to help patients with anxiety, depression, post- partum concerns, women’s health conditions, chronic pain, migraines, acne, eczema, and trigger point injections to help with pain. Reba believes in well rounded, holistic care and enjoys taking the time to listen to her patient’s stories to best help them obtain improved health.

To set up an appointment with Reba, please contact our main office.