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Dr. Tanya Iacono, PhD, LCSW

Tanya Iacono is a licensed clinical social worker with a decade of experience working with adolescents and their families. Tanya has worked closely with adolescents and their families to understand complex problems and identify the therapeutic needs of the client, their families, and their environment. She specializes in assessing for acute and chronic psychiatric concerns, and can pinpoint how to best proceed with treatment interventions. Tanya has also engaged families in the process of assessing treatment needs that might involve the participation of family members in the intervention process. She has worked closely with adolescents who have diagnoses of PTSD, autism spectrum disorder, significant cognitive and intellectual limitations, depressive mood disorder, anxiety disorders, substance use disorders and other areas of concern that might be a disruption to the clients overall functioning.

In addition to a long career working with the youthful population, including adolescents with behavioral concerns, Tanya has supervised a parenting education program and provided in-home services for families in need of counseling. She is also certified as a divorce mentor, and enjoys working with and supporting parents of children with special needs. For a period of time, she also provided psychiatric assessment and counseling in an acute psychiatric setting for those presenting with significant mental health risk factors.

Outside of her evaluation and counseling roles, Tanya has been teaching at Sacred Heart University for more than 15 years as an adjunct psychology instructor and teaches a field placement course for Master’s level social work students in their first year of internship. Tanya has been dedicated to her ongoing growth and development as a professional. She has participated in trainings related to validated treatment approaches including DBT, CBT and motivational enhancement/interviewing. Tanya is currently in her final year of a doctoral program at Southern Connecticut State University where she has received extensive education in the area of advanced clinical practice. Above all, Tanya if a compassionate, focused, detail-oriented clinician who is a problem solver and thrives on providing specifically tailored treatment to adolescents, their parents, and families, while educating them on mental health and family dynamics and supporting their strengths and needs.