A note from Laura, as we enter into the New Year:

As I reflect on the ending of one year and the beginning of another, I want to be able to give others hope. However, with the state of the current world, and my immense awareness about the suffering of others, now more than ever, I’d like to encourage others to hold space for the fragility of life, as well as the miraculous.

This means that- holding hope is a wonderful thing, and can do nothing but help a person, however, it can be difficult to hold hope 24 hours a day when we are constantly reminded of the immense suffering of others, while enduring our own suffering as well.

If you cannot hold hope with both hands, can you hold the awareness of the fragility of life in one hand, and the hope for a miracle in the other?

The fragility of life is the car accident that leaves a person paralyzed, that one second that changed everything. The fragility of life is the phone call you receive telling you your loved one has passed away. The fragility of life lies in the diagnosis you get on a Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm, the hand you are holding of your loved one who is sick, while you beg whatever you believe in to save them. The fragility of life is a job loss, divorce, or a sudden onset of severe symptoms of a mental health diagnosis that are present every waking moment.

The other side of this is, the miraculous.

The miracles of life include the person who was paralyzed, against all odds, walking again. The miracle of life is surviving a disease that statically is marked as devastating. The miracle of life is the split second turn you make to avoid the accident. The miracle of life is seeing the positive pregnancy test when you’ve just about given up. The miracle of life is the phone call you get on a Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm, offering you the dream job, or telling you your loved one is cancer free.

The way I am walking into 2024 is: I do not know what this year will bring. I am holding space for the moments of fragility, for I am only human, and I will love myself through them. And, I am holding hope for the miraculous.

I am fragile, and I am miraculous, and so are you.

I am wishing you a year of miracles, good health, self love, and every dream coming true right in front of you.

With love and gratitude for entrusting us in your care, and bravely facing each day ahead of you
– Laura