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Harina Davis, LCSW

Harina Davis, LCSW, is a licensed clinical social worker who graduated with a Master’s Degree from Springfield College School of Social Work and a bachelor’s degree in Social work from Southern Connecticut State University.

Harina has experience working with young adults, adults, and elderly clients. She enjoys working with clients experiencing a variety of symptoms including depression, PTSD, anxiety, and substance abuse disorders. Harina works with clients who are experiencing mental health symptoms, symptoms of active substance abuse, or a combination of mental health symptoms and substance use, known as dual diagnosis. Harina currently works with Veterans providing psychotherapy, and has a passion for this work. She has a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with a focus on substance abuse disorders, which can be helpful to assist clients to modify thoughts and behaviors, as well as better understand their thoughts and behaviors, in order to reach their goals towards a healthier mind and body.

When working with clients, Harina uses a solution focused approach, which is a future-oriented, goal-directed approach to the stress of life situations individuals encounter across the life span.. The focus is on the client’s health rather than the problem, on strengths rather than weaknesses or deficits, and on skills, resources and coping abilities that would help in reaching future goals Harina prides herself in helping people evolve and obtain their goals. She is encouraging, genuine, and empathetic with her clients while providing a safe space for growth. Harina enjoys working with individuals who have experienced trauma, crisis situations, life transitions, relationship or career stress, as well as individuals who need support with anger management, motivation, and self esteem. Harina also takes great interest in women’s issues and providing a supportive, empowering space for women to grow and heal. She believes a positive working relationship is very imperative, and enjoys getting to know her clients and their individual dreams for their life. “I love doing this work of the heart, and I find much gratitude in it.”