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Mariah Rasmussen, Certified Yoga Instructor

Mariah Rasmussen is a yoga instructor, dancer, and dance educator who’s yoga journey began when she was a teenager. While it started out as a form of exercise, Mariah furthered her relationship with her movement practice and, upon graduating college, pursued her 200HR training. She went on to graduate from Wild Essence Yoga School in November of 2018 and is currently enrolled in a 300HR training.

Mariah believes that movement is medicine and enjoys helping others find the therapeutic side of movement and fitness. In addition to her Yoga Teacher Trainings, Mariah holds a BS in Dance and Wellness Administration from Plymouth State University, and is currently enrolled in a program to become a physical therapy assistant.

Mariah believes that gentle movement and stretching is beneficial for health and wellness, as well as all body types and fitness levels. Mariah holds our practice values and believes in Health At Every Size (HAES). She understands that starting a yoga practice might feel intimidating, for any level of experience, but especially for beginners. Mariah provides individual yoga sessions tailored to her clients experience levels and goals, and, being a teacher at heart, loves to create classes that will benefit the individual client’s physical and mental health, while empowering them to learn about their bodies and the benefits of gentle movement. Mariah also holds group classes that focus on overall well being, stress reduction, and gentle movement for physical and mental health.