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Jeanne Rice, LCSW

Jeanne Rice, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who graduated from Southern Connecticut State University with a degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Social Work.

Jeanne has been trained in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and has experience working in integrated healthcare settings, as well as running a women’s dialectical behavioral therapy group and a women’s intensive outpatient group. Jeanne has additional experience working in residential programs for individuals with substance use and schizophrenia.

Jeanne is passionate about empowering adults who struggle with symptoms of trauma, ADHD, and personality disorders in creating the confidence within themselves to be the person that they strive to be. Jeanne also enjoys working with clients who are experiencing anxiety, depression, grief and loss, chronic illness and chronic pain, as well as client’s experiencing extreme stress due to a significant life change.

Jeanne uses a blend of dialectical behavioral therapy and client and art-centered therapies to help clients to learn how to identify and communicate the challenges that they have in a variety of different ways. Jeanne utilizes a strengths-based approach to help clients uncover their inner abilities.

Jeanne aims to create a warm, validating, and safe environment for clients who are looking to start working on building themselves up and rising above the day-to-day challenges that they have in a non-judgmental space. Jeanne believes that individuals experiencing distressing symptoms can experience relief and freedom from these symptoms, using the right tools. She strives to empower her patients to learn and understand what works for them individually, so they can best navigate life’s difficulties with confidence and peace.